About panchopigna

Panchopigna is an Italian video production company focused on food, featuring recipes both traditional and fusion-based, and Italian regional cuisine.

I created Panchopigna to apply my expertise as a photo-reporter to my passion for food. A professionally-trained Italian chef of Italian and international cuisine, I wanted to expand my horizons and learn all there is to know about food. Cooking for me is indispensable, like drinking water.

Like music and photography, cooking is magic to me.

I can turn any dull day into a special occasion by creating a stunning lunch, composing, creating, mixing and frying any ingredient I happen to have. Then sit down at the table to admire the dribbling sauce on a baby-rib, tasting the scent
of the red wine used to cook, and fall in love with this unique piece of art;
the perfect combination of chemical reaction and instinct with a sprinkle of history,
the perfume of southern Italy in one perfect bite to sod the world off my day.
What else? George would say…